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Texts for Common Prayer

“The Bible Arranged for Worship”

Additional Resources

  • Leaflet Scripture Inserts – Year A
  • Leaflet Scripture Inserts – Year B
  • Leaflet Scripture Inserts – Year C
  • Leaflet Scripture Inserts – Holy Days
  • Comparison Studies – Psalter
  • Exsultet [PDF]
  • First Printing Errata [PDF]
  • 1552 Communion Rite (Modern English) [PDF]
  • Resolution of the College of Bishops Concerning Prayer Books and Historic Rites [PDF]
  • Report on the 1552 Rite [PDF]
  • Guiding Principles of Christian Worship [PDF]
  • Baptism and Regeneration [PDF]
  • Holy Matrimony Explained [PDF]
  • The Three Blessed Oils [PDF]
  • Reverse Sunday & Red-Letter Lectionary [PDF]
  • Interview with Abp. Duncan on Lectionaries [PDF]


Although Texts for Common Prayer is copyrighted, many of the texts herein are in the public domain. Nothing in the copyright is designed to prohibit congregations from the free use of the texts in the form published.

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