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Texts for Common Prayer

“The Bible Arranged for Worship”

Additional Resources & Translations

  • Leaflet Scripture Inserts – Year A
  • Leaflet Scripture Inserts – Year B
  • Leaflet Scripture Inserts – Year C
  • Leaflet Scripture Inserts – Holy Days
  • Comparison Studies – Psalter
  • Exsultet [PDF]
  • First Printing Errata [PDF]
  • 1552 Communion Rite (Modern English) [PDF]
  • Resolution of the College of Bishops Concerning Prayer Books and Historic Rites [PDF]
  • Report on the 1552 Rite [PDF]
  • Santa Eucharistia: Renewed Ancient Text (Spanish Translation) [PDF]
  • Santa Eucharistia: The Holy Eucharist: Common Form (Spanish Translation) [PDF]
  • Santa Matrimonio (Spanish Translation) [Word]
  • Bautismo (Spanish Translation) [Word] [PDF]
  • Confirmación (Spanish Translation) [Word] [PDF]
  • El Santo Bautismo con Confirmación (Spanish Translation) [PDF]
  • The Holy Eucharist: Common Form (Chinese Translation) [PDF]
  • Holy Baptism (Chinese Translation) [PDF]
  • Holy Matrimony (Chinese Translation) [PDF]
  • Guiding Principles of Christian Worship [PDF]
  • Baptism and Regeneration [PDF]
  • Holy Matrimony Explained [PDF]
  • The Three Blessed Oils [PDF]
  • Reverse Sunday & Red-Letter Lectionary [PDF]
  • Interview with Abp. Duncan on Lectionaries [PDF]


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